kent horner


The word conjures up images of torrid romance, intense emotional need and the total loss of control of our senses as we fall into the abyss of ecstasy. It is all of these things, but this thing passion, this reason to breathe and live our dreams, is the most honest of pursuits that we can follow. Passion energizes, eliminates time and places its participant in the zone, so to speak, where all that is important is the connection of the mind, body and soul to the task at hand. For myself, this creativity involving emotion, storytelling and the interpretation of life through song and lyrics is my passion. It is the place where my understanding of, and my connection to God intersect. As I see it, living is about having a passion in life, for life and to share with others the intensity of your commitment to your art. Please, enjoy this website, my art – my music that comes from a place in my soul where the joy and passion for my life have become one.